3D Body Scanners. Interview with Styku customer Harry Boorman of RAW Performance

As featured in August 2018 Health Club Management

Operators who have invested in a 3D body scanner agree that it is an excellent way to boost revenue by attracting new clients, increasing retention and helping them to increase secondary spend within their clubs

During an interview with Styku customer Harry Boorman, Co-Director of RAW Performance Hitchin we asked him about his experience with his 3D body scanner. Here’s what he had to say:

Why did you chose to invest in a body scanner?

We chose to invest in the Styku 3D body scanning machine for many reasons, we loved the high end feel of the product, the software seemed easy to use and at RAW we pride ourselves on delivering results others can’t, by being at the forefront of an ever developing personal training market and just owning a product that very few facilities had meant we could offer a service they couldn’t and we liked that.

What impact has it had?

The impact has been different to our expectations, instead of making it an exclusive product that very few in the gym had access to, we have started to use it as an everyday tool, replacing the weekly check-ins such as scale weight and measurements with a weekly scan, this is a fast and far less intrusive way of measuring progress for our PT clients.

What has customer feedback been?

Feedback has been great, people love the technology, they love that it feels like a real scientific process and they trust the results it gives.

What sort of results have you been getting?

The results have been great, we have used it to speed up calorie calculation and also using the software to show clients progression timelines so clients have been able to understand the effect their Caloric intake will have on their physique in a much clearer way.

Has it impacted sales or retention in any way?

Every person that has booked a Scan has set a date for a second scan and most have upped their current PT sessions as a result to try and work towards their goal faster, and that’s the best possible outcome for us!

To read the full article in Health Club Management: http://www.healthclubmanagement.co.uk/health-club-management-features/Tech-Body-composition-analysers/32910

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