React Fitness - 3D Body Scanning vs Callipers

3D Body Scanning vs Body Fat Callipers

For a long time within the fitness industry, the use of callipers has been the holy grail of estimating body fat. Why is this? Well, for starters, it’s said that a professional must have performed this test on no less than 1000 individuals before they can be regarded as an accurate administrator of this procedure, which gives callipers a certain amount of esteem. However, on the flip side, this almost makes callipers redundant because finding 1000 individuals who do not mind having their skinfolds prodded and poked is pretty much mission impossible.

Some of those who deem themselves competent at using body fat callipers are bodybuilders, but they’re almost entirely interested in subcutaneous fat rather than other types of fat which could be just as pertinent to the average exerciser, such as visceral fat which is located in the abdominal cavity around our vital organs and, as we know, having a large amount of this can lead to an increased risk of heart disease and other issues.. Now, unless bodybuilding is everyone’s aspiration for wanting to embark on a wellbeing journey, then this also leaves callipers with a mythical level of importance and, more importantly, accuracy.

For those who don’t know what body fat callipers are, here’s the gist: the body fat calliper or skinfold calliper (as it’s otherwise known) is a device which measures the thickness of a skinfold with its underlying layer of fat. By doing this at key locations, it can provide a relatively accurate estimate of a person’s total amount of body fat. Although callipers are generally considered to be more precise than body fat percentage scales (bioelectric impedance scales, which we’ll cover in the next post), results can vary widely depending on who is administering the test and his or her skill level. Plus, callipers can ONLY measure skinfold thickness to determine body density and, through an equation, make a prediction of body fat. Callipers have a prediction of callipers have a precision of about +- 5%.

Here is where the Styku 3D Body Scanner really steps into its own and pushes the body fat callipers to one side. Not only is the 3D body scanning process quick and non-invasive, but it’s far more repeatable and consistent than body fat callipers and weight scales – check out our last post! In only 35 seconds, Styku precisely demonstrates where fat is being lost with its digital tape measure which tracks baseline circumferences, including the hip, thigh, waist, chest, and more, with less than 0.5% error.

What’s more, all of this can be done without the need for the individual to strip down to their underwear. Of course, this is the most accurate, but form-fitting clothing works almost as well and makes the process more comfortable for certain users. Styku even has a self-scanning mode so the user can be scanned without the need for a professional to be in the room with them. This gives clients an extra level of privacy if that’s what they desire.

Now, compare that to a Personal Trainer, circling around your body and pinching your skinfolds while you’re stood there half-naked! There is no need for any bodily contact from a fully accredited Styku practitioner. Instead, all the user needs to do is step onto the futuristic-looking rotating platform, wait for it to rotate 360 degrees, then watch as the results are unveiled. Simple, precise and non-invasive. Once the scan has been completed, the user is presented with a stunning and interactive 3D representation of their body. Styku coaches can then rotate, pan and zoom to view the body from any angle; all from the body from any angle from the Styku laptop. This is a highly visual and engaging way to have an honest conversation with your client and illustrate that they are more than a number; something you could never achieve with callipers. Not only is Styku much more precise and consistent predictor of fat mass, but it also tells users the exact type and location of their body fat, as well as how fitness and nutrition programmes are impacting this. It’s also lightweight and portable, so you’re free to take Styku wherever you like and aren’t restricted to operating from a single facility.

Another key differentiator is Styku’s built-in coaching. This means that you can set fat-loss goals and target dates, customise workout frequency and calorie deficits, and more. All amazing tracking tools that a set of body fat callipers simply does not have. There are some amazing trainers out there, however, it’s a tall order for anyone to keep an accurate record of 30+ clients’ goals and progress over time! A feat that’s made much more achievable with Styku. It really is the perfect tool for any fitness professional, nutritionist, or medical practitioner to give their clients and patients the best service possible.

Styku helps add credibility to any health and fitness brand because it validates the effectiveness of your programming and, most of all, will help to increase revenue through the ability to increase member acquisition, retention, and secondary spend through the upselling of personal training, nutrition plans and any other added value services your facility might offer. Not only is it the most precise and consistent way to effectively predict body fat, but 3D body scanning also has the potential to be a money-making machine for your business that enriches member experience and bottom line.

3D body scanning truly is the next step in the evolution of body composition measurement. Its high-tech nature, coupled with being truly non-invasive and incredibly accurate, means that your members are not being put at a disadvantage through outdated practices such as body fat callipers which can be both embarrassing, demotivational and confusing – the complete opposite of Styku.

Hurrah, for this new era of body composition tracking!

To start your journey with Styku and offer your clients/members the most effective way of tracking their health and fitness goals, email or phone +44 (0)20 7272 0770 / +44 (0)7764 586 436.

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