Elevate Jersey becomes the first fitness clinic in the Channel Islands to install Styku and its revolutionary 3D body scanning technology

Elevate Jersey, the Channel Island’s most pioneering personal training and physiotherapy clinic, today announced that it has installed Styku, the world’s most advanced 3D body scanner for health and fitness tracking, becoming the first – and exclusive – fitness facility in Jersey to offer its clients this revolutionary technology.  

Elevate Jersey is a privately owned facility founded and run by industry-leading professionals. What sets Elevate apart from other medical and performance clinics is its focus on technology, offering some of the most groundbreaking technology available to provide its clients with an unrivalled, results-driven experience. This includes the AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill, 3D orthotic prescription technology, and exclusive cryotherapy equipment. The addition of Styku is a continuation of Elevate Jersey’s vision to be a “cutting-edge institute of fitness.” 

In just 35-seconds, using the world’s most powerful and precise 3D camera, non-harmful, high-resolution infrared images, and pioneering artificial intelligence technology, Styku re-creates a person’s body in 3D, capturing millions of data points to precisely extract and identify measurements (body circumferences), shape, body composition (fat mass, lean mass, bone mass), and other insights.

Unlike traditional weight scales which can mask progress, a 3D body scan provides the user with a true, no-hiding, 360-degree view of their body, demonstrating in a very visual way how their body is changing over time in line with fitness, nutrition, and even postural correction programmes. By showing the user what they’ve achieved and areas they need to continue focusing on, Styku provides the insight and motivation they need to stay on track and heading in the right direction with their health and fitness goals.   

Tracy Morrell, Director of React Fitness, the exclusive UK distributor for Styku, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled that Styku will be making its first appearance in the Channel Islands and, better still, that this is happening with Elevate Jersey. It’s a facility that has a science-based ideology and is committed to using the very best technology to create an amazing environment and client experience. We’re certain that Styku will have a very positive impact across both sides of the business – medical and performance – and we look forward to seeing the results.”

Mark Stewart, Managing Director for Elevate Jersey, spoke of his excitement of adding Styku to his tech-driven facility: “We’re delighted to be the first facility in Jersey and the Channel Islands to install Styku, the industry leader in 3D body scanning. It fits perfectly with our model of utilising innovative technology to enhance our clients’ experiences and outcomes. By allowing us to show our clients the progress they’re making in a very visual and in-depth way – which traditional methods like callipers and bioimpedance can’t match – Styku will transform our approach to health and fitness tracking, helping our talented team of professionals to go that little bit further so our clients can achieve more. A Styku scan really is the perfect blend between science and emotion that will help to engage and motivate our clients, and we can’t wait for them to start benefiting from this incredible piece of technology.”   

Elevate Jersey is also planning to use its Styku scanner to have a much wider impact in the community, aiming to work with both medical professionals and sports clubs. “Styku has the power to be a preventative measure, helping people to recognise underlying health issues before they develop further, so we’d love to team up with GPs and nutritionists to support them in their roles and make an even bigger difference to people’s lives beyond the four walls of our facility,” said Mark. “Styku is also going to be a great tool to use with sports clubs at all levels. For example, we could do their pre, mid-season and post-season body composition analysis to help them fine-tune their training and maximise their potential.”

Styku is also well-suited to the ‘post-Covid’ age. Touchless, private, and automated, it can be set-up in self-service mode to scan without the need for an operator, providing a safe and socially distanced experience for users. Additionally, because there are no handlebars to touch and nothing to clean, it means one less piece of equipment to wipe down throughout the day. 

Tracy added: “Styku assesses risks of underlying conditions, acting as a preventative measure that can help to protect the health of users. Lowering your risks of chronic health issues, like diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease can help defend yourself against viruses like Covid-19. A 3D body scan from Styku predicts your risks of these obesity-related diseases while providing visuals that show changes to the body that weight scales hide, helping users to put the steps in place that improve and maintain their health and wellbeing.”

For more information about Styku, visit: www.react-fitness.com/styku-3d-body-scanning-equipment

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