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How to enhance your members’ health and drive commercial results with 3D body scanning

COVID-19 has been the wake-up call many people needed to get their health and fitness back on track, and it’s no surprise, with alarming statistics from Public Health England showing that the risk of dying from coronavirus increases by 40% for someone with a BMI between 30 and 35 (obese) and by 90% for those with a BMI over 40 (severely obese) when compared to those with a healthy weight and BMI. 

Despite “almost two-thirds of adults considering exercise to be more important than ever during the current coronavirus crisis” according to research by Sport England, 29% of the population have gained weight during the pandemic; a side effect dubbed the “Quarantine Fifteen.” Another study suggests that roughly 22% of adults alone have gained weight as a result of the physiological and psychological effects of staying at home.

So, how can you support your members/clients to fight obesity and lower their chances of suffering the more severe complications of illnesses and diseases – including COVID-19 – while also driving commercial outcomes? We have the solution… 

Styku – the world’s most advanced 3D body scanner – extracts millions of measurements with 2mm accuracy and less than 1% error to reconstruct a person’s body in 3D; all in just 35 seconds! Using waist circumference, waist-to-hip ratio, and body fat calculations, the risk of obesity-related disease can be tracked over time and preventative programmes can be produced to enhance the health of your members/clients, regardless of whether you’re a gym, health club, PT studio, or medical clinic. An added benefit of Styku is that it’s much more precise and consistent than traditional methods, such as callipers and Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis, giving your facility, staff and customers a tool they can rely on.

Where Styku really shines is in its ability to make your facility stand out from the crowd. The temporary gym closures caused by COVID-19 have led to many people discovering value elsewhere, so differentiating your business through cutting-edge technology and experiences could be key to re-engaging members and attracting new ones – including the new pool of exercise enthusiasts created by the pandemic. Styku is an attractive service that people can’t get at home or through an app. One way to commercialise Styku is by offering a monthly scanning service to keep members/clients engaged, using this as an avenue to convert them into your primary business or upsell personal training sessions, nutritional packages or group exercise classes, for example. Charging for scans, scan packages, or providing a scanning membership are all great options you can offer to entice different members while generating additional revenue.

Better still, Styku is COVID-safe and non-invasive. There are no handlebars to touch and nothing to clean, which means one less piece of equipment to wipe down and worry about throughout the day. With a small footprint and a self-service mode, which allows users to scan without the support of an operator, Styku provides a comfortable, socially distanced experience for your members/clients that also enables you to overcome any capacity or staffing issues. Furthermore, detailed reports can be automatically sent to users after their scans, making the whole process comfortable and seamless; the perfect way for members to monitor their progress in an engaging, hygienic way that keeps them coming back for more. 

Marly Paulus, Certified Body Composition Analyst and BodymetRx Owner, spoke of how Styku has impacted her business and her clients’ lives: “The risk assessment tab has been very motivating for some clients. Seeing that they are at risk of diseases based on their body scan has launched several of my clients into action. I am happy to report they are improving week over week. I would hands down recommend Styku. If you’re looking to take your business and your clients to the next level, then this piece of equipment could be the missing piece. What gets measured gets improved!”

A new fitness landscape calls for a new way to measure the progress of members/clients in a meaningful way that genuinely enables them to take action to improve their health, which, in turn, leads to further commercial opportunities. Touchless, private and automated, Styku is a solution that enhances member experience and revenue; your secret weapon, not only against COVID-19 but also for securing long-term success by meeting the demands and expectations of a new breed of health-conscious consumers.

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