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Proactive Initiatives to Ensure a Strong Bounce Back From Covid-19

Freemotion - 5 Proactive Initiatives for Gym Operators in Covid-19

By Freemotion Fitness

There’s no denying that we are working in a whole new world of fitness where online and digital training is booming and where community and teamship which is traditionally formed in our gyms and health clubs are thriving online.  

However, this global pandemic will be over, and when it is, the estimated 170 million health club members will return to our treadmills and our clubs. When this happens, Freemotion and React Fitness want to ensure that its clubs and partners are ready to hit the ground running and have these ideas and initiatives that clubs can use during closures.  

  1. Optimisation 

Now is the perfect time to look at the floor plans, layout and the member journey of your gym floor.  Use this time to reconfigure any areas in a bid to optimize your equipment usage and create an environment that will encourage dwell time, drive PT sales (if this is relevant) and offer a great member experience.  Even if it means moving some equipment to create some open space – it could make a huge difference when you re-open.  

  1. Spring clean.

Give your facility a thorough Spring clean. With no members around, you have a safe environment to move equipment in and out of spaces and clean from every angle. You may also be able to carry out some quick repairs and give your facility a new coat of paint. This refreshed look will delight your members when they come back.  

  1. Service your equipment

If you have preventative maintenance plans in place, take advantage of this unforeseen downtime to service your equipment – ensuring that your facility is firing on all cylinders when you reopen your doors. If you don’t have preventative maintenance, perform the maintenance tasks recommended by equipment manufacturers.

  1. Your people are your brand. 

Great people are at the heart of every great gym and your team members will be struggling just as much as you are with not being able to train people.  Look to keep in touch with them, keep them engaged and motivated. You can also look to provide any online training they might benefit from. 

  1. Serve your community

Now is the time we need to think and act beyond the four walls of our gyms.  You could look at ways you can support your local community. This can be in the form of donating your inventory of sanitizing products to health care facilities or other front line workers, or maybe you can donate any food / drink you have to food banks.  You could even ask your community for their ideas on how you can best support during this time.  

We’re all in this together.  Now more than ever our global fitness community must unite and support each other.  If you need any advice or support during this time, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to help. We want to be a resource that you can lean on so we can all bounce back stronger than ever. 

Take care, stay safe 


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