React Fitness Brings Eccentric Training to The Capital – Twice the Workout in Half the Time

X-Force comes to its inaugural London home, in Highgate.

Owing to Reacts Fitness’ new and successful collaboration with X-Force UK we were able to introduce the boldest kit in the industry to Londoners.

With regular training on X-Force using their 3-1-5 technique (concentric for 3 secs, hold at the top for 1 sec and release in the eccentric phase for a DOMS inducing slow 5 secs) results are palpable and X-Force masters Lee and Glen recommend no more than one full body session weekly. An intense way of building muscles around an injury and generally assisting in a host of rehabilitation regimes as well as simply getting the toning, weight loss or muscle bulk you’ve always craved.

David Osgathorps’ award winning personal training studio, All About You, is a boutique studio with an unparalleled gym team – this top end team won the prestigious National Fitness Awards 2015 – bagging the title ‘Gym Team of the Year ‘.

The trainers and their clients at this popular club were all eagerly present at the X-Force launch, aimed at industry and the public alike. From newbies to seasoned trainers, the buzz was one of general awe.

To ease the more the cautious in to a little induction on this clever weight stack kit, a promise of some bubbles and freshly made healthy morsels from popular pan Asian restaurant, Tootoomoo albeit a little naughty, set to entice.

So what is X-Force? Simply, a host of targeted equipment that is deliberately crafted -and a patented design – for safely overloading the muscle. It boasts a tilted weight stack and that’s what makes these machines so unique. Designed thus so the user can smoothly overload on the eccentric phase of each movement.

Local resident and reluctant exerciser, author, Tina Seskis, was very impressed citing ‘Oh My goodness, it’s even hooked a couch potato like me’. Similarly, keen spin enthusiast Angie Starn announced that this was just the way to ‘keep my aging muscles lean, I’m in’. – special guest, Gentry Long, MD of Equinox UK is a big X-Force fan and was unable to resist his second go on the kit after initially loving his experience in at 3-1-5 Health Club in Lancaster, the original showcase club for everything X-Force.

All About You are well ahead of their game with also being the first studio in London to install another key piece of React supplied and equally superb equipment, The Expresso HD bike., another innovative piece of engineering. This bike lets you ride on any virtual terrain, the screen absorbs you while you smash the ride of your life. Connect on your social channels and bingo! You can race anyone, worldwide.

Or you can race you, just pick up your last PB and crush it. This is a realistic cycling experience with crazily good gaming graphics. These bikes are a cleverly innovative new way to love your indoor cycling.

No wonder David Osgathorp, owner of All About You, and his award winning team are the go-to for many a local exerciser.

If your club wants a shake up and is in need of some serious results driven and engaging fitness kit then get in touch.

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