Booty Builder 7.0 React Fitness

React Fitness brings global phenomenon Booty Builder to the UK

  • “The Booty Builder has been the best piece of equipment I have invested in over the last 10 years” – Ed Bogacki, Owner of Gold’s Gym Tampa & Largo, FL
  • “We have never had a single piece of equipment generate so much interest and satisfaction as the Booty Builder!” – Derik Fay, Owner of Around The Clock Fitness

React Fitness, one of the top distributors of innovative fitness equipment, has teamed up with the original, world-leading hip thrust machine, Booty Builder, in a bid to deliver this new workout sensation to the UK.

There’s no denying that the glute or booty workout is one of the fitness industry’s hottest trends, and judging by Booty Builder’s 800 per cent global growth in 2019, its popularity is continuing to increase at a staggering rate. This success has enabled Booty Builder to significantly enhance its production capabilities and expand into new territories, including the UK.

Booty Builder 7.0 React Fitness

While the Kardashian family, and the like, may be largely responsible for this new booty obsession – causing a considerable shift in workout culture – more and more people are turning to glute workouts; not just because they would like their booty to be firmer and fuller in appearance, but also because of the many other benefits. Research has shown that hip thrusting provides extreme glute activation, as well as great activation of the hamstrings and core muscles. This can help in areas such as hip and core stability, hip mobility, proper knee tracking, and reduction in back stress – benefitting all age groups from younger exercisers through to older adults.

Additionally, the glutes are the biggest muscle in the human body and key to athletic performance, so the Booty Builder is a highly effective training tool for amateur to elite sportspeople, alongside gym-goers.

Commenting on this announcement, Booty Builder’s inventor and CEO, Haakon Larsen, said: “We’ve created a product that people want, and now we’re focused on taking it to an even wider, global audience through our distribution partners. We have a diverse range of customers, from the military and United Nations to many notable sports teams and fitness clubs – including Gold’s Gym and the Los Angeles Lakers. This proves there’s a real demand for the Booty Builder and HUGE potential for it to take off in the UK.”

Picture: Haakon Larsen

Currently available in two different models (Platinum and 7.0), the Booty Builder has been expertly designed to make the popular hip-thrusting exercise safer, faster, and better, and is popular with top trainers around the globe, including The Glute Guy, Bret Contreras. No other machine compares with the patented raised feet design putting users in the ultimate position to isolate their glutes – resulting in a deeper range of motion. Workouts are made better still with the Booty Builder App which offers hundreds of great exercises for the glutes and other parts of the body.

Booty Builder Platinum React Fitness

Furthermore, this innovative machine eliminates the need for gym members to occupy benches, barbells, plates, and floor space, and is easily adjustable on linear bearing rollers to suit all heights, which means it can be used comfortably by just about everyone. With quick set-up and ease of use, the Booty Builder keeps many members happy in minimal time.

Speaking of this great opportunity, Tracy Morrell, Director of React Fitness, the official UK distributor for Booty Builder, said: “We’re absolutely thrilled to launch this amazing product in the UK at a time when glute workouts are booming. The Booty Builder was the world’s first hip thrust machine and it has proven in multiple countries that it can generate great results for a wide range of facilities and their members, which we look forward to replicating in the UK.

“We admire Booty Builder’s commitment to regularly upgrading and developing its product line to add even greater value to facility operators, staff and members – making it the stand-out leader in its field. We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership, and we can’t wait for exercisers across the country to start experiencing the phenomenal Booty Builder range!”

Booty Builder 7.0 (2) React Fitness

The Booty Builder first launched in Norway in 2015, having been developed by Larsen as an easier way to do the hip thrust exercise for himself as well as strongman competitors – among them, champion Savickas Zydrunas. Now, as the brand continues to expand globally, in line with the rapid rise of booty workouts, Larsen says the adventure is only just beginning.

To give your members the ultimate glute workout experience with the Booty Builder, contact Tracy via or call 020 7272 0770 (office) 07764 586 436 (mobile)

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