Styku: The touch-free way to measure members’ progress in the ‘new normal’ gym

Most of us are social in nature. But when gyms reopen, new social distancing regulations – alongside the new, elevated sets of expectations, fears, and habits people have developed during lockdown – could mean that your members avoid you, your staff, and others. Expect your members to be extra cautious about touching things, and expect lots of mask wearing, hand washing, and much more scrutiny of your business’s cleaning standards. Thankfully, there’s technology to support this ‘new normal’ gym environment, ensuring your members remain safe, happy, and engaged.

Styku, the world’s leading 3D body scanner for health and fitness tracking, is touchless, private, and automated. It can be set-up in a self-service (kiosk) mode to scan without the need for an operator, providing a safe and socially distanced experience for your members.

Tracy Morrell, Director of React Fitness

Tracy Morrell, Director of React Fitness, the exclusive UK Distributor for Styku, said: “Styku is not a bioimpedance analyser so there are no handlebars to touch and nothing to clean, meaning one less piece of equipment to wipe down throughout the day. What’s more, detailed reports can be automatically emailed to members after a scan, making the whole process comfortable and seamless; the perfect way for your members to monitor their progress in a precise, consistent, and hygienic way.”

Many people will be eager to leave their houses, but after discovering value elsewhere, such as on-demand fitness, facilities will need to find new ways to stand out. Differentiating your business with technology and services they can’t get at home could play an important role in re-engaging existing members and attracting new ones.

“Styku is a service that people can’t get at home or through an app, and is an attractive tool to use,” explains Tracy. “You can provide customers with a monthly scanning service to keep them engaged, and each time they come in, it’s another opportunity to convert them into your primary business. Charging for scans, scan packages, or providing a scanning membership, are all great options you can offer to entice different members while creating additional revenue streams.”

Health assessments like Styku have the power to drive member interests and are well-timed for the post-Covid consumer. In just 35 seconds, Styku assesses risks of underlying conditions, acting as a preventative measure that can help to protect the health of members.

“The likelihood of pandemics is predicted to increase with the growth of factory farming across the world,” adds Tracy. “The only long-term way to reduce the risk of contracting viruses like Covid-19 is by lowering your risks of chronic health issues, like diabetes, hypertension, or heart disease. A 3D body scan from Styku predicts your risks of these obesity-related diseases while providing visuals that show changes to the body that weight scales hide. This gives members the insight and motivation they need to stick to their health and nutrition programmes, ultimately, improving and maintaining their health and wellbeing.”

For more information about how Styku could enhance your member experience and engagement in the ‘new normal’ gym environment, contact Tracy Morrell on +44 (0)20 7272 0770 or email:

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