The fast track to destination omnichannel

Gyms in England have reopened, summer’s on its way, and everything’s starting to feel a little closer to ‘normality.’ But hold the music. Act One may be coming to a close, but Act Two is only just beginning.

Over the past 13 months, we’ve witnessed the explosion of digital fitness and at-home workouts. Consumers have learnt to exercise in a variety of ways through a variety of channels and/or environments. 

Once the mothership, the gym is now just one of multiple ships circling the fitness galaxy, all competing for the attention of omnichannel consumers.  

To avoid being left behind in the rocket fumes of other facilities accelerating full-throttle into the new fitness age, operators need to find solutions (and fast) that will make them an integral part of their members’ omnichannel lives and routines. 

Thankfully, there’s a readymade omnichannel fitness solution sent from the future that operators can simply plug in and play to drive member engagement and retention.  

[SUPERSONIC FLASH!]… Enter iFit – the world’s only truly interactive, connected fitness platform that instantly allows operators to become part of an entire fitness ecosystem. 


Already enjoyed by almost five million users globally (Peloton, for comparison, currently has just over 3 million subscribers), iFit is available in the gym via the Freemotion 22 SERIES cardio range, at home via NordicTrack and ProForm equipment, and on the go via the iFit app.


Available anywhere, anytime, iFit is a complete game-changer, giving operators the ultimate power – the ability to meet members where they’re at. 

For example, a member could start a 12-part running adventure on the 22 SERIES in their club, then continue that journey on their iFit-enabled home fitness equipment or simply using the app, listening to their coach as they take their exercise outdoors.

Just like that – faster than you can swing a lightsaber – you arrive at Planet Phygital (where the physical and digital worlds unite) and your facility becomes omnichannel. 

Best of all, iFit is completely free of charge (no subscription fees) to the operator and exerciser with the purchase of equipment from the Freemotion 22 SERIES.

Having already missed out on January, there’s not a moment to lose in attracting members, old and new, back to the gym. The time for contemplation is over; now it’s about re-equipping your starship (facility) to take your business and members to the promised destination.

To discover more about the iFit-powered 22 SERIES cardio line and how it can be used to help deliver the ultimate omnichannel fitness experience for your members, visit: or contact Tracy directly via / +44(0)20 7272 0770

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