Tiki Titan: Expresso HD Bike Challenge

[vc_row height=”medium” color_scheme=”” us_bg_color=”” us_text_color=”” us_bg_image=”” us_bg_video=”0″][vc_column][vc_column_text]Aloha Expresso Riders! Grab a lei, light a torch and hop on a bike to burn as many Calories as you can this month.

The Rules

It’s simple. Ride and burn 2,500 Calories by the end of the month. Riders who do will be honoured with a Titan Totem next to their name on the Top 100 and will unlock the ability to purchase their official Tiki Titan Totem T-shirt. Burn more than 2,500 and watch your name climb the leaderboards!

Team Prizes

The team with the most calories burned will win the Official Tiki Titan Trophy and will forever be immortalized in the top 100 Hall of Fame.

Use the hashtag: #TikiTitan

For more information:
View the Challenge
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