Are you set for success in 2022?

It’s no surprise that nearly 11% of all health club members join their gyms in January (source: IHRSA). But while members new and old will be on a path to improvement, driven by a re-invigorated focus on their wellness, are clubs doing enough to capitalise on the opportunity to turn them into committed, long-term customers?

Perhaps not, as figures also show that around 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by February.

To help more people stay on the path – and to improve retention rates for those January joiners – it’s paramount that health club operators support the people coming through their doors, looking to create better habits and engage in new regimes. One way to do this is to ensure members are kept engaged with the club, wherever they are – inside or outside the club.

If the club’s fitness offer is available all the time, everywhere and at the push of a button, digitally or physically, it is more likely that a member will become a loyal customer. The only way to successfully do this is to create a genuine hybrid – or omnichannel – approach. The goal should be to set up a club without walls, where you don’t have to have a member physically present in order to engage with them.

Providing a true omnichannel experience means creating an entire ecosystem of health and fitness around a club and offering quality interactions at numerous touchpoints. This is particularly true for those new January members, who are likely to be eager to immerse themselves into the new service (and idea) they’ve just bought into. The more embedded they become in their new healthy routines, the more likely they are to stay on the path and remain a member at the club.

One of the best examples of an omnichannel fitness solution is provided by iFIT – the interactive connected fitness platform. The digital platform already has 6 million users around the world and offers thousands of workouts – from HIIT, cardio and strength training to yoga and indoor cycling.

iFIT is available in the gym via the Freemotion Fitness commercial equipment, at home via NordicTrack and ProForm equipment, and on the go via the iFIT app. Therefore, the platform enables operators to meet members where they’re at, so they will never lose a connection or risk losing engagement. Freemotion is also the only commercial supplier with unlimited access to iFIT’s huge library of workouts at no extra charge.

This makes iFIT the perfect tool to engage the January “newbies”. It’s a readymade omnichannel ecosystem into which operators can plug in and then present to new members as their key to a more healthy self. Thanks to the ability to access the iFIT “journey” both at the club and outside of it, members will be introduced into a fitness experience which is not just linked to the club, but is also identifiably similar and connected, wherever they are. This will drive engagement and retention.

In addition to engaging members everywhere, another great tool to motivate new members is to offer them the opportunity to view and assess the results they are achieving in a very real way.

For many, being able track their progress and ensure they are improving is a great motivator – whether the goal is to shed weight, tone up or build muscle. To achieve this, 3D body scanning has become a vital tool when visualising the body transformation progress.

Styku’s lightweight, portable and intuitive technology makes accurate 3D body-scanning possible in as little as 35 seconds. Using a rotating turntable and an infrared 3D camera, Styku is able to provide highly accurate measurements which are then easy to benchmark and observe. The 3D model highlights changes in shape and is a great way to set goals.

Most of all, Styku and its visual presentations and measurements provide members with a reason to keep going. Because let’s face it – nothing is more illustrative and more motivating than to actually see your body transform!

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