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Styku can predict metabolic syndrome with 92% accuracy

A peer-reviewed study has shown that Styku – the leading 3D health screening tech for the fitness, health, and wellness markets – can accurately predict metabolic syndrome (MetS) in people. Metabolic syndrome is the medical term for a combination of conditions (such as high glucose, poor cholesterol, high blood pressure and obesity) that is considered the precursor to many non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

The groundbreaking study – led by research institutions in the field of obesity medicine, imaging, and clinical care – demonstrated that Styku can predict MetS with 92% accuracy.

The study is the culmination of two years of work with University of Hawai’i Cancer Center (UHCC) Chief Scientific Officer Dr. John Shepard and associate Dr. John Bennett. The research includes data gathered and analyzed by partner institutes, including Pennington Biomedical Research Center and the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Medicine. Styku was the only scanning device used in the study.

From a preventative health point of view, the results of the study are great news, as detecting MetS early offers those suffering from the condition an opportunity to lower – or even reverse – health trajectories before symptoms appear and treatment costs are incurred.

There is a commercial angle too. The global healthcare market is exploding with new emerging preventative care technologies which promise to disrupt traditional healthcare and provide health benefits to patients/consumers – as well as savings to public health services, such as the NHS.

Styku’s 3D optical imaging, often referred to as 3D body scanning, continues to be proven scientifically as a non-invasive and affordable way to predict health outcomes. As a result, it is being adopted at an increasing rate by healthcare professionals.

Following the study results, Styku now plans to release a version of its software that will include the MetS prediction model and will share more specifics later this year. The predictive technology will help broaden Styku’s ability to build awareness around health risks and accelerate the delivery of improved health outcomes.

Raj Sareen, CEO and Founder of Styku, says: “We’re empowering health clubs, gyms, studios, clinics and physical therapists, as well as other wellness operators, to deliver a richer and more engaging experience that pushes past body composition into meaningful and impactful health metrics.

“Styku can offer something that would otherwise only be accessible through a blood test and a visit with a primary care physician. We don’t need to be diagnostic; we just need to be predictive, with high enough accuracy to build awareness.

“By building awareness we can pull people’s health trajectory forward and give them more time to make important lifestyle changes.  And those lifestyle changes can stop or even reverse disease.”

To read the peer-reviewed study in full, click HERE.

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