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Motivation through visualisation

Research has found that 65 percent of people are visual learners, meaning they need to see information in order to retain it. 

This is partly due to visual communication having a distinct advantage over written and verbal communication: speed. It has been proven that the brain can process images and videos 60,000 times faster than text. The old adage, “a picture is worth a thousand words”, really is true!

The fact that our brain is so adept at absorbing information from visual cues means that a single still image can convey complex and sometimes multiple ideas much more effectively than using written or verbal description. 

Perhaps this is why we live in the age of visual information, where visual content is used in almost every aspect of life, from marketing to traffic control. 

Presenting instructions and knowledge in visual form also has an added benefit – it brings down language barriers. There are plenty of examples – just think emojis or the emergency instruction sheets on the back of aeroplane seats.

So, armed with this information about how people understand and retain information, would there be a better way for us, working in the health and fitness industry, to educate (and motivate) people wanting to improve their overall wellness? 

Perhaps, by using something…visual? 

Enter the groundbreaking Styku, which uses 3D body scanning technology to provide a highly accurate image of a person’s body.

A Styku 3D scan shows body shape while offering an analysis of profile, posture, cross-sections, silhouette, and body composition – as well as visualising asymmetries in shape. In short, Styku offers a clear way to visualise a body in a way everyone can understand. 

The beauty is that, with Styku, there is no need for often inaccurate scales and a “guesstimated” BMI figure which itself is hard to comprehend. Instead people can, quite literally, see the “full picture” of their health. 

This also means that fitness and wellness facilities, which make regular Styku scans a part of their customers exercise regime, can accurately and visually observe health changes and set goals and targets.

As every wellness coach, exercise professional and personal trainer will know, for those on a fitness journey there is nothing more motivating than seeing their body transform. The one big challenge for coaches and trainers has, historically, been to find ways of clearly illustrating the transformation – especially as relying on scales can be misleading. 

With Styku’s 3D body scanning technology fitness and wellness operators can visualise their customers’ journey into better health. The scans can be used as a highly motivational tool to keep exercisers engaged and on their new path. 

What’s more, as Styku offers a precise tool to address musculoskeletal risks – as well as provide measurements to track risk of obesity related disease – facilities can use the technology to become health and wellness hubs. They can do this by utilising Styku to begin offering preventative healthcare in the purest form: using analytics and data to identify potential (or real) health issues and then providing solutions through exercise, nutritional advice, lab work or treatment programmes.

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