Why Booty Builder is still the best-kept secret for a successful gym operation

Alongside indoor cycling, glute workouts have become one of the fitness industry’s hottest trends in the past few years. There’s no doubt that the increase in demand for “booty routines” has partly been driven by celebrities getting in on the fitness act and posting their workouts on social media – with booty workouts always among the most popular and most watched.


There’s a reason why celebrities, from reality show starlets to professional athletes, always include glute training in their regimes. Glutes are the biggest muscle in the human body and therefore key to athletic performance, improving speed and explosiveness. What’s more, strong glutes will also protect the lower back and knees from injury. Booty exercises are much more than just about aesthetics and appearance.


Not all glute workouts, however, are equal. 


As gyms and health clubs have woken up to the trend and looked to cater for the increased demand in glute workouts, some have invested in a selection of machines and/or equipment that, collectively, might deliver a decent workout. Barbells, plates, racks, steps, benches, presses…you name it. The problem with this approach is that it not only costs a lot, but it also requires a lot of space. It also delivers a less-than-perfect member experience, as it demands users to jump from machine to machine – and for them to know exactly how to best use each piece, in order to get the workout they want.


That’s why those gyms that know better, have instead opted for a secret weapon when setting up their “booty zones”. 


Developed in Norway in 2015, The Booty Builder is specifically designed to offer optimal workout of gluteus maximus muscles – all in one machine. It is amazingly easy to use and is based on a hip thrusting routine that is faster, safer, and much more effective than other methods. It’s also super comfortable with a padded fully adjustable hip belt that never digs into the hips, making it a very attractive alternative to using a barbell.


Booty Builder takes an awkward and challenging movement and makes it easy for anyone to perform – making it perfect for both men and women, regardless of the level of their gym experience. Its patented raised feet design also ensures gym members are in the ultimate position to isolate and exercise their glutes without overworking the quads. This combination – being easy to use and offering the optimal workout – means that Booty Builder has quickly built up a wide range of users all over the world, from gym members and professional athletes to medical facilities and home users. Ultimately, its success is down to the fact that it actually delivers results. 


For gym operators, especially those with limited floor space, Booty Builder provides huge benefits. Not only will it quickly create a dedicated and passionate user group at the facility – improving retention – but it means there is no need for elaborate planning of an “booty area” or investing in expensive set ups. There’s just one machine to do it all. 


The latest Booty Builder also has an even smaller footprint, so it helps further eliminate the need to occupy valued floor space. Its innovative design even makes it possible to be placed in corners or close to walls.


Interested in finding out more about setting up your members with the perfect glute workouts – without dedicating half of your gym space (and equipment) towards it? Get in touch: hello@react-fitness.com