Four ways in which Styku can transform (and drive growth at) your fitness business

The health and fitness industry has undergone a hugely transformative period in the past 24 months. The changes in habits and behaviours, caused by the pandemic and its aftermath, have provided (and will continue to provide) both opportunities and threats for facility operators.

One of these changes is permanent: the elevated role that technology now plays in people’s fitness journeys.

However, as with everything, not all technology is equal.

Here are four reasons why the world’s leading 3D body scanner, Styku, is making a huge difference to an increasing number of forward-thinking wellness businesses prepared to invest in tech – and how it could (and should) do so for you too. 


Styku makes you more than “just a gym”

The fresh appreciation for physical fitness in the wake of the pandemic has emerged in tandem with a renewed focus on mental health. And, as working from home has become standard practice, many have also began to question their work-life balance and place more emphasis on “me time”, which often includes physical activity or wellness.

As a result of all of this, the concept of “whole-person health” has gained new ground. 

This shift has already had huge implications for gyms, health clubs, fitness studios and leisure centres. This is because customers new and old have begun seeking more than “just a gym floor” when deciding which club, studio or centre to join. 

These new types of customers will be motivated by tangible, real improvements in their whole-person health. They want to see, feel and – crucially – understand the improvements which result from exercise. 

This is where operators can help. By harnessing technology and equipment solutions – combined with guidance from instructors or PTs – which motivate and allow people to understand their wellness journey, they can provide a truly engaging consumer experience. Especially if clubs make them relevant to personal, individual needs or conditions.

Styku can sit at the heart of this approach. With its cutting-edge analytics, it can provide the framework for the fitness journey of those looking for a holistic approach to wellness and physical fitness. For example, by providing reports on visceral fat and bone mass, customers will not only be able to understand their body better – but also identify areas of improvement.

Crucially, it can help attract an entirely new customer base to a club – sedentary, older adults to whom Styku can provide a “measurement anchor” and a reason to visit a fitness facility. 

Facility operators that think beyond being “just a gym” and utilise technology will find themselves ahead of their rivals. By using tech in an innovative, forward-thinking way, they will be able to engage, and retain, their customers in an entirely new way.


Styku can help you increase numbers

Facilities can use Styku as lead generators for customers and/or as a way to increase revenue. Offering 3D health screen packages for a small fee, for example, means that each time a customer comes in for a scan, they’re essentially paying to be a lead.

And Styku not only works as a standalone revenue generator, but it also takes what is normally a 30-minute consultation and reduces it down to a 35-second scan – taking the guesswork out of cross selling and upselling services. As members see their bodies in three dimensions, it will help them track their progress and celebrate achieving goals – and can become hooked to the service.  

In other words, just as some people become “addicted” to certain group classes or methods of exercise, they can make having a Styku 3D scan part of their fitness journey. 


Styku offers tech not available at home or on the go

Consumers are now more tech-savvy than ever and acutely aware of the value of personal data. They are also motivated by tangible, real improvements which they can observe using their data. The combination of these two factors presents gyms and health clubs with a real opportunity. 

By harnessing technology which is unavailable to consumers at home, or on their own devices, facility operators can go beyond trackers, heart rate monitors and maps and provide an entirely different, tech-based experience. 

Styku uses artificial intelligence to show body composition. It can show people their risks of obesity related disease and how those risks are changing. Thanks to its advanced capabilities, it can also provide reports on visceral fat and bone mass, which will help customers not only understand their body better – but also identify areas of improvement.

Styku’s analytics and data can be used to outline and set goals for members, whether around weight loss, muscle gain or the tackling of potential (or real) health issues – and then provide solutions through exercise and nutritional advice.

The technology can be used to demonstrate where fat is being lost by digitally measuring their waist and other essential body data. This means that, whether the individual’s goal is fat-loss or a drop in calorie consumption, Styku can provide detailed graphs of the person’s changes and improvements over time in a visual way.

Trackers and heart rate monitors are great. But when it comes to accurately charting and understanding the results of exercise, they can’t do what Styku does.


Styku is a motivational tool

It’s no surprise that nearly 11% of all health club members join their gyms in January (source: IHRSA). But while members new and old will be on a path to improvement, driven by a re-invigorated focus on their wellness, are clubs doing enough to capitalise on the opportunity to turn them into committed, long-term customers?

Perhaps not, as figures also show that around 80% of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by February. 

To help more people stay on the path – and to improve retention rates for those January joiners – it’s paramount that health club operators support the people coming through their doors, looking to create better habits and engage in new regimes. 

One way to do this is to ensure new members are kept motivated from the get go. For example,  providing something that offers them the opportunity to view and assess the results they are achieving in a very real way. 

Being able to track progress and ensure improvement is taking place is a great motivator – whether the goal is to shed weight, tone up or build muscle. To achieve this, Styku’s scans can become a vital tool when visualising the body transformation progress.

Styku’s intuitive technology makes 3D body-scanning possible in as little as 35 seconds. It provides highly accurate measurements, which are then easy to benchmark and observe. The 3D model highlights changes in shape and is a great way to set goals.

Most of all, Styku and its visual presentations and measurements provide members with a reason to keep going. Because let’s face it – nothing is more illustrative and more motivating than to actually see your body transform!

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