Add value to your gym by offering members the perfect glute workout

Consumer awareness of the benefits of glute exercises has increased exponentially in recent years. A good thing too, because what was once predicted as a passing trend driven by celebrities, booty workouts are finally being recognised for what they are: a vital part of any fitness regime that looks to improve balance, power and overall well-being. 


While glute workouts do create a fuller, firmer posterior for those focused on aesthetics – and there is still huge demand for this – they also aid physical function, strength, and performance. That’s why glute activation is equally important for everyone, from everyday gym-goers and bodybuilders to elite athletes and sports teams. 


As a result of the increase in demand, glute workout areas and programming are now a must-have option at all facilities, no matter what the user groups are. 


As gyms and health clubs have looked to cater for this increased demand, however, some have gone down the route of investing in a selection of machines and/or equipment that, collectively, might deliver a decent workout. Barbells, plates, racks, steps, benches, presses…in some cases, huge areas have been dedicated to cater for working your booty. 


The problem with this approach is that it not only costs a lot, but can occupy a lot of space, make the gym untidy and possibly create a health and safety hazard. What it also does is require a certain amount of knowledge of how to use a number of different pieces of kit in order to exercise the required areas. The result is a less-than-perfect, often uncomfortable member experience,requiring users to jump from machine to machine (or benches to racks).


There is, however, a perfect solution for facilities looking to offer their members a results-driven glute workout in a convenient, easy way which won’t take up half the gym floor – Booty Builder.


Booty Builder was created to offer an optimal workout for gluteus maximus muscles. Specifically designed to be an “all-in-one” machine that adds value to gym operators, the equipment’s European build quality means it is amazingly easy and comfortable to use. With its patented raised feet platform design, it makes hip-thrusting  faster, safer, and much more effective than other methods. 


For gym operators – especially those with limited floor space – Booty Builder provides huge benefits. Not only will it quickly create a dedicated and passionate user group at the facility (improving retention) but it means there is no need for elaborate planning of an “booty area” or investing in expensive set ups. There’s just one machine to do it all. 


The good news is that getting hold of a Booty Builder in the UK couldn’t be easier for gyms and health clubs. React Fitness, distributors of innovative fitness equipment, makes the ordering process and delivery of the machines worry-free and convenient. 


“The Booty Builder has been a great addition to our facility,” says Yasir Mehmood of Feel Fit Gym in Oxford. “We had great feedback from our members once we purchased it and we even had new members signing up to our gym after seeing the Booty Builder on our Feel Fit Gym social media channels.”


“React Fitness delivered the Booty Builder on time as agreed and we received great service – we’d definitely recommend others to work with them.”


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