Six reasons why gyms looking for ROI on their next machine should go for a Booty Builder…

Thanks in part to the Kardashians, with whom many want to keep up, the question ‘does my bum look big in this?’ has now changed to ‘does my bum look big enough in this?’. You only have to go on social media to see how ‘booty pics’ and selfies featuring the derriere are now a staple for influencers of all ages.

This, as any gym owner and operator will know, has led to a huge increase in the demand for glute workouts. 

And when it comes to gyms and catering for that demand, there is only one winner – the Booty Builder. 

Here are six reasons why…



The demand is here to stay

The boom in glute workouts is showing no sign of abating. While the influencer economy (and the Kardashians) can no doubt be thanked for some of the trend, there is a good reason why it has proven more than just a fad. And that is that glutes do actually matter. 

For example, the majority of back problems either arise due to issues with the glutes, or are exacerbated by them. That’s why keeping a balance in terms of glute power is vital to good body maintenance. Glutes are also essential for achieving a high functioning physique.

So, as education about the importance of strengthening these muscle groups increases, people of all ages and abilities are beginning to recognise the wide range of benefits on offer. In other words – don’t expect the demand for glute training to disappear anywhere any time soon. 


Booty Builder makes glute training easy

While glute training might be popular, it isn’t entirely effort-free. What the Booty Builder does, however, is that it takes an awkward and challenging exercise and makes it easy for anyone to perform.

The easy-to-use machine means that there is minimal onboarding or induction needed for gym members to get going. The Booty Builder’s free app also offers additional exercise variety and inspiration – so in Booty Builder’s case, “easy” doesn’t mean boring or repetitive. 


Booty Builder not only offers optimal workout for glutes, but the whole posterior chain and core

While the Booty Builder is perfect for training up the three gluteal muscles, it also builds stronger legs. The Booty Builder is based on the hip thrust movement, which means users get to work their entire posterior chain (from the upper back to the calf muscles) and core. Therefore, despite its name, the Booty Builder is pretty much the ultimate machine, able to build strength across a large area of the body.


Booty Builder is suitable for men and women and fully adjustable to suit all shapes, sizes, abilities and experience

Due to the wide range of weight you can load to a Booty Builder, it can be fully customised to suit anyone – both men and women. 

To cater for their strength/ability, users will be able to add resistance in seconds by moving the easily accessible pin on the Selectorised V8 model, or use the V4 Plate Loaded version without any weight plates, opting for the included booty bands. Users can also easily move the seat and/or adjust the belt system to suit all heights and sizes.


Minimal footprint, so saves space at the gym

The machine’s compact design means that a Booty Builder requires minimal floor space – making it perfect for gyms, studios and health clubs of all sizes. In addition, the innovative design makes it possible to place it close to a wall, or even into a corner. 

And, as users are able to get a full variety of glute workouts on just one machine, the Booty Builder eliminates the need to create huge glute workout areas and invest in separate benches, barbells and weight plates. 


Its robust design and manufacturing quality means it has a long life-span and is low maintenance

Booty Builder’s unique, ergonomic design not only makes hip-thrusting easy for anyone, it also makes the machine robust and easy to maintain. The high quality of components and manufacturing makes Booty Builder a product you can trust and rely on for quality and member satisfaction! 


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