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Dual Hip Thrust

Elevate your gym with the Booty Builder Dual Hip Thrust!

This innovative machine combines the best of both worlds to deliver an unparalleled hip thrust experience.

Adjustable Perfection:
Booty Builder’s Dual Hip Thrust is the first to offer both an easily adjustable backrest and an elevated, adjustable footplate, ensuring optimal positioning for users of all heights.

Optimise Your Workout:
Perform both traditional barbell hip thrusts with feet on the ground and elevated footplate hip thrusts for isolated glute and hamstring training. The elevated footplate provides a deeper range of motion, removing quads from the equation.

Versatility at Its Finest:
The footplate slides smoothly back and forth on linear bearings, and the backrest adjusts with our innovative solution. The machine also features relocatable band pegs for countless upper and lower body resistance band exercises.

Band Training Benefits:
Band training for glutes is not only more comfortable and easier to set up than traditional barbell methods, but it also provides increased resistance at the top of the movement – perfect for maximum glute burn!

The Booty Builder Dual Hip Thrust is the ultimate solution for those who demand the best equipment for one of today’s most popular exercises.

Benefits at a Glance:

– Adjustable backrest and footplate for optimal positioning
– Suitable for users of all heights
– Enables both traditional and isolated hip thrusts
– Easy to switch between barbell and band exercises
– Multiple band peg options for upper and lower body exercises

Complete your gym with the Booty Builder Dual Hip Thrust!


Additional Information

Assembly Size

L 1880 × W 838 × H 533 mm / L 74” × W 33” × H 21” inches

Net Weight

130 kg / 285 lbs

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