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Booty Builder Platinum V4

The Booty Builder Platinum V4 is every gym operator’s favourite plate loaded hip thrust machine.

Load up the Booty Builder Platinum with weight plates or resistance bands or both, for explosive workouts. The patented raised feet design puts you in the ultimate position to target and isolate the glutes without overworking the quads. It allows for a deeper range of movement and constant resistance for superior results.

The easy to adjust, cushioned belt ensures comfort on the hips. Fully adjustable with its linear bearing seat adjustment, Booty Builder has been created to suit everyone, whether it’s for fitness, medical, sports performance or injury prevention. It’s been designed with a minimal footprint, making it ideal for clubs, gyms and studios of any size.


Additional Information

Assembly Size

L 1702 × W 1440 × H 776 mm / L 67” × W 57” × H 30” inches

Net Weight

144 kg / 317 lbs

Transport Weight

208 kg / 458 lbs

Shipping Dimensions

1 pallet = L 115 × W 88 × H 90 cm / L 46″ × W 35″ × H 36″ inches


Delivered in a wooden box almost fully assembled

Resistance Level

7 kg / 15 lbs (without weights)

Max Total Load

200 kg / 441 lbs

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