Booty Builder Selectorized Back Extension

The Booty Builder Back Extension has been designed to provide the ultimate hyperextension exercise – which has proven to be one of the best workouts for those looking to improve lower back health.

This machine totally eliminates any difficulties users may have when gripping external weight, by simply selecting a weight from the stack and holding the bar, whilst performing an extremely comfortable and effective back extension.

The multiple height adjustments also make the Back Extension machine ideal for any user and helps them target all areas between hamstrings / glutes and lower back. A perfect posterior chain workout.

With dual usage, it can also be used for leg swing exercises with ankle strap attachment.

Booty Builder Selectorized Back Extension

Assembled Dimensions (mm):
1236 mm x 1578 mm x 990 mm

Dimensions (inches):
48.7 in x 62.1 in x 39 in