Booty Builder V8

The Booty Builder V8 has been completely redesigned from earlier versions. This innovative machine makes hip thrusting safer, faster and more effective. It now offers a low profile, compact design and smaller footprint than a treadmill.

The 160kg (350lbs) selectorised weight stack is easy for anyone to use and quick to select weights for faster set up. The patented raised feet design puts you in the ultimate position to isolate the glutes.

The V8’s compact design minimises floor space – making it a perfect addition to gyms, clubs and studios of all sizes. Fully adjustable for all body types with a cushioned hip belt to ensure maximum comfort. The cable design has a wide range of users from beginners to elite athletes, and is ideal for knee and back rehabilitation programmes.

Booty Builder V8

Assembled Size:
L 2006mm × W 965mm × H 1574 mm (79”× 38”× 62” inches)

Net Weight:
400 kg (882 lbs)