Part of iFIT, the world’s foremost health and technology company.

 Freemotion develops purposeful equipment which can bring to life and enhance the member experience of any type of club – large or small. It innovates the market to create new revenue streams and opportunities for operators. 

If you’re looking for modern-day fitness game-changers, then look no further.

Freemotion live and breathe innovation, which is all about getting there first – just like how Freemotion introduced functional cable-based strength training, the Incline Trainer, and the first road simulating indoor bike.

From strength training to cardio equipment, Freemotion has it all.

Freemotion and iFIT are a powerful opportunity for operators and can demonstrate a direct correlation between results for members, attrition, as well as how it motivates people to lead healthier lives and helps combat the age-old issue operators see the world over is how members quickly lose interest if they don’t see results! The omnichannel solution from Freemotion and iFIT allows clubs to have multiple touch points with members whether they are training in or out of the club, which is testament to a profound quote from Jeff…. “The club of today is a club without walls.” 

 Tap into this forward-thinking approach and challenge the conventions of fitness equipment by viewing their full range here….

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