Making waves with captivating rowing fitness

The Hydrow Live Outdoor Reality (LOR)™ rower is a new, realistic on-water rowing experience which has already taken the consumer market by storm.  We’re pleased to be building on this success by bringing it to commercial operators in the UK.

The equipment enables gym operators to offer a premium connected, fitness rowing experience to members, with workouts led by a range of Hydrow athletes. Exercisers can move in-sync with athletes in real-time on the water and choose from an ever-growing library of over 2,500 workouts, guaranteed to captivate and engage members throughout their workout.

Hydrow was recently voted by The Times as one of the ‘Best Inventions’ of 2020.

Hydrow is also proven to provide one of the most effective all-around workouts on the planet, engaging 86% of muscles – more than double that of cycling and running – providing an effective, low-impact cardio and strength workout that other fitness offerings can’t compete with.  

Hydrow is for operators who like to ensure their gym floor always looks welcoming and captivating.  It’s stylish and elegant engineering makes it a standout piece of equipment while bringing the outdoors in – giving users the closest experience to being on the water that they can get.

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