Lanserhof at The Arts Club, the world’s leading medical spa and London’s most iconic private members’ club, has become the latest health facility to embrace artificial intelligence (AI) to further enhance its highly personalised member experience by installing Styku, the industry’s most advanced 3D body scanner.

Situated in the former Dover Street Market building in Mayfair, London, Lanserhof at The Arts Club is the ultimate medical and gym facility which gives members and clients direct access to some of the world’s foremost medical experts and trailblazing treatments, led by Lanserhof’s multi-award-winning team of doctors and health professionals.

Now equipped with Styku and its pioneering AI technology, Styku Phoenix, Lanserhof at The Arts Club is able to provide each person at its facility with the most in-depth and expansive body composition analysis available on the market, compared to similar devices. This data is incredibly powerful for health and fitness professionals and will be used to set highly personalised goals for its members and clients, which can be effectively and efficiently tracked over time – enhancing each individual’s journey, motivation and overall experience.

With just a 35-second scan, Styku Phoenix can accurately and consistently predict a person’s fat mass, bone mass, lean muscle mass, regional fat mass, and more. Over time, Styku Phoenix provides insights on how health and fitness programmes are impacting bone health, lean muscle growth, fat loss and other aspects of body composition – which will enable Lanserhof at The Art Club’s team to create tailor-made plans and treatments that will achieve results.

Mr. Sebastian Kunz, Lanserhof at The Arts Club’s Medical Director, said: “Lanserhof is well known for its innovative approach to health and wellbeing. Installing Styku and its pioneering AI technology shows our commitment to investing in the best health and fitness equipment, and most advanced technology, available within the health and fitness industry. We’re excited to incorporate Styku into the service we provide at Lanserhof at The Arts Club, and we look forward to utilising it to continue our mission to offer the most personalised service possible to our members and clients, which will help them to further their journey to better health.”

React Fitness, the appointed UK distributor for Styku, is thrilled by Lanserhof at the Arts Club’s decision to install Styku and believes this is just the beginning of medical spas and similar facilities realising the potential of 3D body scanning and AI technology to help deliver a truly personalised service, as Director, Tracy Morrell, explains: “We’re thrilled that Lanserhof at The Arts Club has recognised the significant benefits that the Styku 3D body scanner, along with its revolutionary AI technology, is capable of producing for everyone involved at the facility. We’re sure Styku is going to have an extremely positive impact in helping to create a highly personalised and motivational experience for its members and clients, enabling them to reach their lifestyle goals. We can’t wait to see the results over the coming weeks, months and years.”

Learn more about Styku Phoenix by visiting or by contacting us via or 020 7272 0770.