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Visualise Fitness in 3D. Styku enables you to capture and view your members and clients in 3D.

Precisely extract measurements, shape, body composition and other insights relevant to the fitness industry. Track progress and monitor changes in body shape and dimensions as their body responds to your fitness and nutritional guidance. Styku will keep your clients engaged and motivated and help your club to generate substantial additional revenue.


Simple yet powerful scanning technology.

Scanning someone is simple, quick, non-invasive and harmless. Simply stand on the turntable and hold still for 30 seconds while the platform rotates. With its razor sharp high resolution infrared images Styku captures millions of data points in a matter of seconds.

Built on the Microsoft Kinect V2, the world’s most powerful and precise 3D Camera. Lightweight automatic turntable that rotates 360 degrees to capture the full body.

Robust and sleek aluminium enclosure and stand to protect the 3D Camera. Small footprint and easy to move and re-position for small spaces.

Differentiate your business with 3D body scanning.

Styku is helping health clubs and fitness centres to generate extra revenue. Our system is easy to use and unobtrusive. Most importantly for your business, it enables clubs to actively engage with their members and create a better position to offer personal training, small group training, nutritional programmes, attract new members and increase retention levels.

Fitness professionals can use the 3D model to highlight changes in shape and/or to set goals. Track Progress and chart key measurements over time to keep your clients and members motivated.

We leverage body measurements to calculate body fat % with incredibly high precision. Styku’s fat analysis is more precise than the gold standard dunk tank or Dexa and much more convenient.

Use the Styku dashboard to view data analytics, set preferences, and manage your account from anywhere in the world.

You’re more than a number.

Capture and view your customer in 3D

Extract measurements, shape, body composition and other insights relevant to your industry.

Replace the callipers with a truly engaging experience – evaluate body shape and composition and track progress with a personal trainer or member of the gym team.

Track baseline circumferences of the whole body – demonstrate where fat is being lost with the digital tape measure and avoid members getting discouraged by what the weight scales show.

No need for the dunk tank or DXA machine – Styku Body Fat % is an extremely precise and reliable way to calculate fat-free and fat mass.

Evaluate risks and communicate the possibilities – Styku will help your client determine risks compared with others within their gender and age group.

Personalise goals to meet your client’s needs – use the software slider to determine how much fat your client would like to lose, set a calorie burn rate, activity level and target date. Styku will reveal the calorific deficit to reach their goal,

RMR, BMR, and Calorie intake – Styku automatically creates a model of daily expenditure to estimate the maximum calorie intake a member can consume to reach their fat loss goal.

“We chose to partner up with Styku because they have the best 3D imaging hardware and user friendly software on the market. Working with their team has been an extremely pleasant experience.”
Greg Maurer, VP of Fitness, Workout Anytime (100+ locations in the US)

“The Styku has a certain “wow” factor about it that can easily add revenue to any type of gym, or health clinic. It has a tremendous amount of perceived value that will help any consumer justify paying even $50 for a one-time scan. It truly is one of the most high-tech body scan devices that I’ve ever seen or worked with. The possibilities are endless when it comes to incorporating the Styku.”
Jordan Conner, Co-founder, Kubex Fitness

“….the risk assessment tab has been very motivating for some clients. Seeing that they are at risk for disease based off their body scan has launched several of my individual clients into action. And I’m happy to report that they are improving week over week. I would hands down recommend this product [MYBODEE, by Styku]. If you’re looking to take your business and your clients to the next level, then this piece of equipment could be the missing piece. What gets measured gets improved.”
Marly Paulus, Owner BodyMetrx