Expresso HD Challenge December

November’s Road Warrior Challenge

Are you harder-core than before? Then this is your moment.

Rules: Let’s keep it simple.

Ride: Like a warrior, for a rock hard 50 miles or … wait for it… MORE.

Achieve this and you’ll be awarded the coveted ‘Road Warrior Badge’ (oohs from the virtual crowd) and release the divine privilege of buying that ultimate badge of honour, the Road Warrior T-Shirt (virtual audience applause).

The proverbial uphill battle is before you. The miles stretch, the horizon a distant dream, yet the image of you, hot, sweaty and victorious in your ‘Road Warrior T-shirt’ will drive you over and beyond that finishing line. 

Ride to win.


Are you tough as old boots? Great because it’s Expresso Bikes’ 3rd anniversary which all of us know (ok, we looked it up) is leather.

It doesn’t get tougher than that then. So, as an extra bit of tough love, you amazing top 100 devoted riders, after earning this months badge, will automatically be entered to win a £100! Now that’s got to be worth a few more RPM!

Don’t forget: You must have a MyExpresso account




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