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Booty Builder Zone

Introducing the Booty Builder Zone! Dive into our image gallery and check out the amazing range of Booty Builder machines we now have in store.

Do you want to keep your current members thrilled and attract new fitness enthusiasts? The Booty Builder Training Zone is the answer! This dedicated glute training area is perfect for solo workouts and dynamic classes alike. Get ready to elevate your fitness game!

Check out the below video, to see how you could layout the BB Zone.

When you place your order, you’ll receive our exclusive “Official Booty Builder Zone” wall sign! This stylish sign will not only set your gym apart from the competition but also attract new members eager to join the best glute training zone around.

Stand out and elevate your gym’s appeal today!


Additional Information

Layout Example Dimensions

9×6 m = 54 square metres / 29ft 6in by 19ft 8in = 581 square feet

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