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The World’s leading 3d body scanner.

Styku’s lightweight, portable and intuitive technology makes accurate 3D body-scanning possible in as little as 35 seconds.  3D body scanning has become a vital tool in visualising body transformation progress which can add to a facility’s offer and help to keep members motivated.

How Styku Works

Using a rotating turntable and best in class infrared 3D camera, countless measurements can be extracted with 2mm accuracy.

Progress tracking has come a long way from simply relying on misleading scales; 3D body scanning is fully illustrative and a clear way to visualise body changes and set goals around health, wellness and fitness using Styku’s unique software.

Exact measurements, shape, posture analysis and precise body composition can all be reported in a matter of seconds.

3D body scanning technology combined with trained staff allows operators to become health and wellness hubs, offering preventative healthcare in the purest form – using analytics and data to identify potential (or real) health issues and then providing solutions through exercise, nutritional advice or treatment programmes.

By offering technology that is unavailable to consumers, facility operators can become more than ‘just a gym’ and clinics have a way to validate their treatments.

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